As a real estate agent, I am going to give you the best effort I have available. In all the years that I have had in the industry, the homebuyers always ask me "What is the process in buying a home? " That is why I have come up with a guide here that will make the process of buying a home easy.

Step 1: Making The Decision To Buy

Before you start to go look for a house you need to think about what you need to have. You should consider the place you are looking at. You will want to consider the number of bedrooms and even restrooms for your family and allow for potential growth. Do you need to have a pool? Is it important to live close to shopping and a school? Those are just the start of the things you need to think about when you are looking at a new house.

You should also make sure you are familiar with some of the different types of ownership as well, which will help you get the best home for your needs. Freehold is you own it completely, condos is you take care of the insurance and pay fees to a group, and the co-op is kind of like a condo, but you rent the unit in the building and pay for the maintenance.

When you have looked at this and narrowed down your list, it is time for you to go shopping!

Step 2: Find An Agent

When you start this process you will be shocked at how many agents are around. You should be careful in your process of picking an agent. The agent will be acting as your representative and need to have someone that is going to keep your interest in mind. You need to make sure you are going to have someone to trust and knows what you need.

You will find that you have several ways to locate the perfect Realtor"

You can take down some of the numbers you see on the signs, ask your friends, or even check in at a local office because they will have the people who are going to be trained to the best information of the area. The best agent will allow you to have quality service to get your goal best.

Step 3: Locate Your House

You will notice you have a lot of ways to find your home. Before you even start to go shopping you need to make sure you are ready financially. You will want to make sure you have a financial plan when you go shopping. You can use the calculator that we have by clicking here.

You need to keep the down payment in mind when you are looking at the home. This is the amount of money you will have to pay before you buy the house. The more you put down, the less you will borrow and that means more money saved each month. You should also make sure you are pre-approved for the mortgage. Once you are approved by the lender you will have an idea on how much you are able to buy a new house for.

You should keep these in mind when you start to go shopping. You will find that you have multiple methods available to help you in finding the houses in the area and this can include the newspaper, websites, and even finding an open house to visit. This part of the process is very fun! You can even find some of the listing by narrowing them down on my website.

Step 4: Put In Your Offer

When you have found your home that you want, it is time to make an offer. When you are making your offer is where the agent you hired is going to come on. They are going to help you get terms and conditions set up in the offer and put in the price you want to pay, but also the conditions of financing being approved.

You will want to make sure that in addition to the price you look at all the other details as well. This can include some repairs, chandeliers, and even including the appliances in the deal. You can also find the best closing date as well for the home.

You need to be ready for the counter offer as well as a lot of sellers want to get the top dollar possible and will send you a price that you can go back and forth with.

Step 5: Seal The Deal

You are going to notice that you will have some closing cost that you need to pay by the closing date. These can include the application fees, inspection fees, and even any legal fees on the property. Once this is taken care of you are able to buy the house.

Welcome to your new house! You can now move into the house!